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Welcome To Our Farms Gamefowl Page!

Thank you for visiting our farms gamefowl  webpage. We are dedicated to selling world-class American and Oriental gamefowl to our customers across the United States, Hawaii, Mexico, Philippines, and Guam. For customer pictures click on our Testimonials tab.

Bobby Boles Asil - Gallo Asil Bobby Boles - Asil Gamefowl

Gamefowl & Shipping

We raise and sell Johnnie Jumper Greys, Johnnie Jumper Kelso,  Coal Miner Mugs, McLean Hatches, Leipers, Bobby Boles Asil, Sam Gowdy Japs and Hamlin Asil. 

We begin shipping gamefowl after 3 months of age, American Gamefowl stags and pullets are $250. Oriental stags and pullets are $500 plus shipping.

All orders to the lower 48 states are shipped through the USPS. International orders and orders to the Hawaiian islands are shipped through professional brokers.

Click on our FAQ tab for shipping rates and additional info. 

Coal Miner Mugs

How To Order

To check availability and to place an order

Call/Text 831-200-4090 (Se Habla Español)

We accept all major Debit & Credit cards, PayPal, Postal Service Money Order, Western Union, Walmart-2-Walmart, and Money Gram. 

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