Coal Miner Mugs

Additional Information

We obtained our Coal Miner Mugs directly from Richard Kelley. Over the years we purchased several Coal Miner Mugs from Richard and continue to hold our birds to the same standard of selective breeding. 

Pure Coal  Miner Mugs come straight comb and in a variety of colors; Blue, Black, Brown Red, Blue  Splash, and Red Black. Coal Miner Mugs come mostly medium to high  station.

Before placing orders CALL/TEXT (831) 200-4090 to check availability.  

After confirming availability we write down your order, your name, address, and the phone number you would like the post office or broker to call when your birds arrive. Payment can be safely made on our website or over the phone. We accept debit, credit, PayPal, Western Union, Walmart-2-Walmart, and Postal Service Money Order.  

All birds are banded with leg and wing bands for identification purposes. Photos of your birds are sent to you to confirm your order and USPS tracking number is given when your birds ship out.

Prices are as followed:

  • Cocks $1,000
  • Hens $500
  • Stags $250     (3-4 months)
  • Pullets $250   (3-4 months)

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Coal Miner Mugs