Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping? (Lower 48 states)

$100 per bird (Price includes shipping box)

Do you ship to Hawaii?

  • Yes, we ship to Hawaii.
  • $100 to ship to Oahu
  • $195 any other island

Do you ship to any other countries?

  • $100 to Mexico
  • $195 to ship to Guam
  • $160 to ship to Manila, Philippines

How do I pay for my fowl?

All payments can securely be made using PayPal, Debit Card, or Credit Card. 

We can also accept Walmart-2-Walmart, Western Union and USPS Money Order.

How do I receive my fowl?

  • Lower 48 States; through United  States Postal Service.
  • Hawaii, Guam, Philippines, and Mexico via airline.

How much for a pair or trio?

American Fowl: 

  • Pair $500, Trio $750 (plus shipping)

Asil Fowl: 

  • Pair $1,000, Trio $1,500 (plus shipping